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With an ever-increasing emphasis on video-conference calls we have come to rely heavily upon applications such as Zoom, Skype and even Microsoft Teams. Of course with the shift to having meetings online, as with any meeting, there is an associated increase of emails backwards and forwards to arrange them.

We use a couple of really handy app integrations and chrome extensions to reduce the number of emails required to set up our Zoom meetings and these include;

  • Google Chrome with Zoom Scheduler Extension
  • Hubspot CRM with Zoom app integration

With these applications installed scheduling meetings becomes a breeze, adding efficiency and creating time in an otherwise busy schedule.

The Google Chrome Extension takes care of managing diary appointments, assuming you and your teams are using Google Calendar. A similar extension is available for Outlook too (should this be your preferred choice).

The Hubspot CRM and Zoom app integration allows you to turn every meeting booked in your Hubspot CRM into a Zoom meeting. It also automatically adds contacts to your Hubspot CRM if they register for a Zoom webinar, recording how long they stay and attend too.


Watch Video

Here's a video showing how easy it is to set up Zoom meetings from within Hubspot CRM.

The Growth Agency _ Setting up Zoom Meetings with Hubspot Contacts


Hubspot Sales Meeting Tool

In addition to the Zoom meeting scheduler we also regularly use the Hubspot Sales Meeting Tool. This allows clients, customers, prospects and leads to schedule a meeting at a time convenient to them. The tool automatically connects to a Google/Outlook diary to show available meeting slots. Again all confirmation emails are handled automatically by Hubspot with minimal interaction.

An example of the Hubspot Sales Meeting Tool can be seen here, published on one of our web pages.


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