HUBSPOT Now with Landing Pages....FREE

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In the latest round of updates to Hubspot CRM and the free tools provided to users, Hubspot has added Landing Pages to its offer.....

What's that, I hear you say?

That's right, so now with Hubspot CRM's free tools you get the option to build up to 20 Landing Pages using the simple drag and click page builder, enabling you to build end to end customer experiences, completely free.

This means you can;

  • Create personalised ads relevant to your customers' experiences with your brand
  • Provide customers easy to fill out forms or live chat to allow them to contact you directly
  • Follow up with timely marketing emails that allow you to progress your visitors through their buyer's journey with you
  • And now create beautiful landing pages that make it really easy to convert visitors

HubSpot’s free landing page builder includes a selection of templates and with a drag and drop page editor, it’s easy for you to edit your landing pages to provide your customers with a delightful experience. Free users can create up to twenty landing pages, and have a variety of modules available to them -- including forms, images, video, and a meetings module that lets your prospects directly book meetings with your sales team.

Hubspot Landing Page Builder

Did I mention this is all available with Hubspot CRM free if you really want to market your brand properly, with Hubspot free tools you really can.

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